The device is designed to test the capacity of the battery.


Ability to test all types of batteries.


Easy operation; Connects with two cables to the battery. Device is powered from the battery which is testing. Light and easy to carry to different locations.


The front panel has a large alphanumeric display with backlight and all inscriptions might be in Serbian language, optionally English.


All parameters are set once and the last result of the testing process is stored while the power is turned off and until the next connection on battery which might be very long period.


The ability to interrupt of the process of testing and continue with stored results.


DC input:        20V DC min - max 275 V DC
Dimensions:  720 x 270 x 720 mm (HxWxD)
Weight:           max 38 kg

Buttons on the front panel can set:

     - Voltage level to which the battery can be discharged

     - Discharging battery current value.

     - Reset the old test results.

     - Start-stop process.

     - ON/OFF



     - When the process of discharging starts, fans are activated and automatic adaptation of parameters that has been set.

     - Current limit is very accurate and have the same value throughout the process.

     - When the battery voltage reaches the set value for battery discharging, device stops the proces of discharging and on display it is shown “END OF PROCESS“, and there are soun signal



     - Total time of discharging in resolution: hours : minutes : seconds.

     - Total amp-hours (Ah) in resolution of 0.1 Ah

     - Battery voltage.

     - Discharging current of the batterye


Protection of:

     - Reverse polarity battery

     - Overheating


The devices on the user's request can be made in many different forms:

     - Current up to 100A (adjustable from 1A to 100A)

     - Voltage options: 24V / 48V / 110V / 220V DC



Special versions which are available, for example:


     Option 1: 110V DC nominal current 100A max. The same device can operate at 48V with a current of 100A and on 24V with current up to 50A.

     Option 2: 220V DC nominal, max current of 100A max. . The same device can work on 110V but with a current of 50A max and can work on 48V but with maximal current of 25A.


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