Three-phase smart sine UPS

Purpose:  IT sector, offices, industry,medical, server rooms...



Pure Sine wave output

Smart technology

Wide input voltage operation range

High quality device

Long lifetime without reparation



5 year warranty for ups / 2 year warranty for batteries



Three phase Smart Sinus Ups is high quality device, generates a pure Sinusoidal voltage at the output

3 x 230V~  +/-5% (3 x 380V~).

 Carefully selected high quality components from well-known manufacturers.

 Long life - UPS life without repairs over 15 years (not applicable for batteries).

 Lots of quality protections.

 Saving event+log  alarms in real time.

 Unique concept of Service Support, the purchase of our UPS devices gives you special software through which our product is directly connected via the Internet to the service mail of our company.

 Advanced UPS monitoring software that has the unique concept of generating its own local area network between a UPS device and one or more computers / servers


T112 / 10.000VA / 8.000W

Power: 10,000VA / 8,000W
Autonomy: 13 min

T122 / 12.000VA / 10.000W

Power: 12,000VA / 10,000W
Autonomy: 8 min


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